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You can view a sample of a published paper I proofread here.


The length of time it will take me to complete proofreading your work will vary. Usually, shorter papers and articles will be returned to you within a day. Anything beyond 8,000 words may take several days. When contacting me to inquire about a service, please indicate a deadline.


I primarily accept payment via international bank transfer and Paypal. 



I charge per word. The below prices are shown per 1000 words.


Academic papers, dissertations, articles, etc.

Basic Proofreading: €10 per 1000 words* 

Language Editing: €14 per 1000 words**

Extensive Editing: €20 per 1000 words***

Documents 2000 words and below cost a fixed price of €20, €28, or €40, depending on the price tier.

Non-academic manuscripts, short stories, websites, etc.

Price is negotiable depending on length and what you want me to focus on outside of normal proofreading (such as scene pacing and character consistency).








* Text requires help with only punctuation, spelling, and grammar. 
** Text requires help with punctuation, spelling, and grammar, as well as some sentence restructuring or rewording.

*** Text requires all of the above, but also has problems with clarity, flow, and general readability, which may require additional communication with the author(s).

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