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Why do I need a proofreader?

When it comes to getting published, whether you're writing a novel or a paper, simple grammatical and spelling errors can be all that stands between you and convincing a publisher that your work is what they've been looking for. In the case of academic work, writing that is effortless to read is more likely to convince the reader of any points and arguments you're trying to make. After all, your focus can't completely be on the content if you're stumbling over unwieldy sentences, can it? 

This is where proofreading is important. It's much more likely that a writer will miss their own mistakes since we tend to see what is intended to be written rather than what actually is. A fresh pair of eyes can be all the help you need to refine your work.


Proofreading is available for all of the below formats.

  • Academic papers and dissertations
  • Manuscripts (fiction and non-fiction)
  • Articles
  • Short stories

Proofreading will cover all language, grammar and punctuation errors. General coherency of sentences will also be checked and suggestions made for improvements. The 'track changes' feature in Microsoft Word is used so you are aware of all changes made to your work and are free to accept or reject any alterations.

You may have your work proofread for American or British English.


As a writer, I know how difficult it can be to check over your own writing and it is easy to miss your own mistakes. After some experience proofreading several academic papers and a doctoral thesis back in 2012, I decided to offer this service to others. Since then I have edited a plethora of academic papers from around the world. I'm particularly interested in helping those whose first language isn't English.

I have a background in journalism and have experience as a newspaper journalist, where I was given an award for one of my articles, and as an e-zine writer. As such, it was my responsibility to edit other journalists' articles as well as write my own. This put me in good stead for moving into the world of proofreading. I also have over ten years of experience as a fiction writer and have often helped fellow writers with editing their work.

I'd be happy to help you give your writing the polish it deserves too.

~Caroline Tremble



"Miss Tremble has recently proofread my dissertation framework and two of my papers. Her work was swift and precise; the communication was efficient and very friendly. The entire experience was thoroughly positive and I would not hesitate to recommend Miss Tremble's services to anyone in need of a professional and competent proofreader." 

Dr. Leonie Reutner, University of Basel, Switzerland.

"Caroline Tremble did a terrific job. She is very accurate, very thorough and very prompt. I would be very happy to use her services again.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Mojzisch, University of Hildesheim, Germany.

"Caroline Tremble proofread my dissertation. The excellent quality of her proofreading is a matter of course. Additionally, Caroline works fast and corresponds in a very friendly way. It has been a pleasure working with her. "

Dr. Gerald Schmidt, General Motors Europe / Advanced Technology, Germany.

"Caroline did the proofreading of my dissertation within two weeks and she did a fantastic job. She was professional, accurate and careful in the way she reviewed my thesis. Besides, she was very supportive in meeting the deadline. I am more than happy to recommend her to others in need of similar proofreading tasks. "

Marc Moser, University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

"I recently felt trapped when a journal editor asked me to add content, improve style but shorten the paper at the same time. Miss Tremble helped me out - fast and precise."

Dr. Tobias Vogel, University of Mannheim, Germany.


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